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Raw Food

  • K9 Natural (chicken, beef, lamb, green tripe and more)
  • Purely Pets (beef & lamb, rabbit and hare, venison, veal, possum and more)
  • Bones – veal, busy bones , lamb shanks
  • Locally sourced high quality beef and chicken mince at very reasonable prices



Dry Food

Our dry dog and cat foods are only the top of the range brands:

  • Royal Canin incuding breed specific diets for dogs and Royal Canin for cats - Educ treats 
  • Acana for dogs and cats 2kg - 11.6kg bags 
  • Black hawk, puppy adult and grain free 
  • Ziwi Peak New Zealand made food for dogs & Cats
  • Ziwi Steam dried range 
  • Nutrience original for dogs and cats from 1.36kg – 13kg bag sizes
  • Nurtrience Grain free for cats and dogs.

We also stock a wide variety of top quality single feed  cans made in New Zealand like Zealandia .



Dog Rolls 

Leading the busy lives that we do these days it is sometimes difficult to take a little extra time to prepare a meal which is similar to what our canine friends might find in the wild, so with that in mind we also stock a range of dogrolls that are preservative free including:

  • Field & Forest Venison & Lamb roll
  • Possyum


Natural Remedies

The retail area of our business has an extensive range of products to suit cats and dogs. We are very proud of our NATURAL REMEDIES section and are known as ‘the place to go’ in Palmerston North for a more natural approach when it comes to treating different issues your pet may have or when simply looking to maintain his overall good health.

We stock a very wide range of ‘HIRALABS’ products for pets. Hiralabs are based in Wanganui and are regarded as experts in the field of natural herbal solutions for pet health issues.Our Hira pet range includes products offering help with everything from joint problems to circulatory issues to calming products for animals in stressful situations.


Brookby herbs can also be found on our shelves, with a favourite of ours the Freemover, which is a natural product with Devils claw and White willow to help joints and offer a mild anti inflammatory properties. There are a number of other items which help with kidney health, calming anxious pets and natural flea treatments to name a few.

We also stock the BIOPET range of Homeopathic remedies which almost walks out the door as quickly as we restock it.

We can offer natural alternatives for the treatment of fleas, solutions that will aid the major organs in the body in their quest to stay healthy, natural supplements for the ‘well-being’ of your pet and much more. We are constantly learning and updating our own knowledge in this area so we can provide you with the most appropriate product for your situation.

We also stock natural washing products for your pet from the WASHBAR range, from the good old fashioned bar of soap specially formulated to be gentle on your dog’s skin to shampoos in bottles that have also been naturally formulated.

MY BEAU  - a very popular supplement for cats and dogs in held in-store as well as different sizes of Flaxseed oil and now the new Flaxseed flakes which have slightly different properties to the oil and can be used in conjunction with the oil to further improve your pets’ health.

We only stock super premium dog foods and are very enthusiastic about mimicking nature when we can, so we offer a variety of raw foods



Pet Accessories

We also stock a great range of grooming accessories including, the Le salon range of grooming products and Yours Drooly - Shear magic range of grooming equipment, Furminators at everyday low prices , slicker brushes, combs, nail clippers, wahl Clippers etc, 

We also have a wide range of collars, leads, harnesses, dog coats, bedding, toys, high end food bowls, slow bowls , cat toys, cat collars, kitty litter including perfumed, clumping litter

Our policy is, if we don't have it we can get it for you.



We stock a wide range of treats for your pets once again with a heavy emphasis on healthy, low fat treats that still taste delicious. We now stock the ROAM range of natural treats that are LOCALLY made here in Feilding. .

We carry a wide range of treats that focus specifically on maintaining and improving dental health which is a very real issue in many pets from the age of 3 years onwards.

And of course we do stock a few of some good old yummy tasting not quite so healthy treats which used sparingly are an indulgent way to spoil your four-legged friend on special occasions!