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Due to the girls’ combined extensive grooming experience we believe that there is no breed that our groomers are unfamiliar with – we have experience grooming them all!

How does the grooming work?

Bookings are essential when requesting a full groom for your dog. We have 2 intakes each day where all the dogs booked for the morning come in between 8.30am & 9.15am and stay until 12.45pm. Our afternoon guests arrive between 1 and 1.15pm and stay until around 5pm. When you arrive,you and your pooch will then have a consultation with one of our groomers (much like at the hairdressers) so that you can let them know exactly what you would like done with your dog.

The groomer will assess your dog’s coat condition to check for any matting as well as to make sure that there is no underlying reason why we may not be able to achieve what you want grooming-wise. For example, if your dog is extensively matted,it may not be possible to brush the matts out and it may be necessary to clip his coat shorter than what you envisaged because of the degree of matting. It is better to discuss this with you at the consult so that everyone has a clear understanding of what is expected and there are no surprises when you return to pick him up!

95% of the time we can achieve what the owner has requested, but there are times when we may have to compromise if the coat has been left unattended for too long and there is extensive matting! In these cases it is very hard on the dog to be pulling at his coat for long periods to remove the knots. These are all the things that will be explained to you when you bring your dog in.

Once the consult has been completed we then ask you to leave your dog with us for the duration of the morning or afternoon and during that time we will pamper him, beautify him and generally spoil him.



The Wash Bays


We offer a warm, dry indoor facility to either wash your own dog, or have us do it for you. The benefits of using The Pet Care Company wash bay are many!


Self Service Dog Wash


Using our custom-made dog baths is fun. We supply everything you need to wash your dog, plus we do the clean up.  No appointment necessary.  A fun positive experience to share with your dog.



Full Service Dog Wash


One of our experienced pet loving team will wash and dry your dog for you. Allow approximately 1.5 hours to peruse Palmerston North’s shops & café’s and come back to a beautiful clean dog that smells sensational!
Read on to find out what the many benefits are………

  • FULL OR SELF SERVICE washes where we provide EVERYTHING –
  • Unlimited soft, clean towels,
  • Healthy specialist shampoos that cater for sensitive skin, extra smelly dogs, dogs that need whitening and even dogs with fleas!
  • Speciality brushes to accommodate all types of fur
  • Dryers
  • And a smile. You just walk in wash your dog and leave the mess to us!!
  • Luxurious instantly warm water your dog will love
  • Varying bath heights to suits all sizes of dog without breaking your back!
  • A warm, SAFE, dry (except the odd wet dog!), friendly atmosphere
  • You can bring more than one dog at the same time – we have a holding stall where one dog can ‘kick back’ and wait his turn while his mate is being pampered
  • All dogs that would like one, get a COMPLIMENTARY treat and a squirt of long lasting ‘aftershave’ or ‘perfume’ before they leave so they smell great for days